Firearm Coatings

Cerakote Firearm Coatings improve performance and reliability over conventional finishes. This state-of-the-art coating technology out-performs any competitive coating in both laboratory settings and real world applications.

  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Superior Wear Resistance
  • High Surface Coverage
  • Excellent Corrosion Protection
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Impact & Scratch Resistant
  • Air or Oven Cure Systems
  • Maximum Adhesion
  • Smooth Consistent Finish
  • Low Dry-Film Thickness
  • VOC Exempt in All 50 States
  • Maximum Hardness
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance

Excellent chemical resistance to:

Gun Cleaner,WD-40, Brake Cleaner, Denatured Alcohol, Lacquer Thinner, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Acetone, Gasoline, Mineral Spirits and Paint Stripper.


Cerakote products can withstand 160 in-lbs impact with no coating loss. Corrosive salt-spray testing shows that Cerakote resists corrosion 575 times longer than stainless steel and blueing.


Cerakote can undergo a 32% elongation without distortion or coating loss.