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Buster Beaver Design excels in performance coating application. Coatings are often applied to automotive parts, firearms and tools… the possibilities are endless so please take a look at some of the pictures on our site. Professionally applied coatings provide many advantages which can include prolonging the life, ease of use, and aesthetics of an item. This does however depend on the coating that is applied. Buster Beaver is a certified Cerakote applicator primarily applying Cerakote and Powder Coats manufactured by NIC Industries. It is also a distributor of the following brands: Beretta, Benchmade Knives, Black Hills Ammunition, Black Rain Rifles, LaRue Tactical, Noreen Firearms, Geissele Triggers, Talley Scope Rings, Core 15 Rifle Systems, Heritage Safes, and Zeiss Sports Optics.

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We appreciate your visit to our site and please call us if you have any questions. We are located in Wilsonville, Oregon (just south of Portland, Oregon) and serve businesses throughout Oregon, Washington and the entire northwest.